the film is now complete

thanks for following along with this film. It is now completed and uploaded. Enjoy.

behind the scenes stuff

here are some more photos from the behind the scenes of my latest film. The film is completed and is currently with the music guy getting a musical score composed for it. Soon very soon it will be ready for release. Hang in there a little bit longer. Thanks for following along this past year as we put this film together. It means a lot to us and you adoring fans are the reason we make these films.

go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

goblin film update

the goblin film has been shot now, all the animation is complete and most of the editing has been done. I will have behind the scenes photos shortly. I just sent the film off to the music guy today. So, stay tuned.

latest animatic

here is the animatic for the first half of my film:


there are stick man drawings where film or animation is missing

first 700 frames

here is a sneak peek at the first 700 frames with the first round of sounds attached. Still very rough

first 400 frames

this is still very rough but here are the first 400 frames:

First 200 frames

ok everyone, as a sneak peek I share with you my first 200 frames of my live action/puppet film. This is not the final video edit but enough to show how the puppet looks next to the actor.