Who is the Castlegardener?

Hello everyone. I am assuming you found my blog because you have an interest in stop motion animation. I will use this to help share information, tips, tricks, and any thing else stop motion animation related.

I started animating in 2007 after realizing I didn’t want to deal with real people enough to make a live action film. With stopmotion I can create any world I can imagine, and all the creatures that inhabit it and I can make them all come to life. I control every element of the film and when I am done filming, I can turn off the light and walk away until next session.

I live in Hawaii, USA and work alone as a hobbyist animator. I have never done any professional or paid animation work. For me, stopmotion animation is a great art form that uses skills from many wide and varied art mediums to make a complete film.

8 responses to “Who is the Castlegardener?

  1. well you do incredible work for someone who started animating in 2007. keep up the great work.


  2. yeah, 2007 is very rescent- Same year I started,
    (though I’ve loved stop motion films for much longer.)


  3. I totally agree. I absolutely hate working with people/actors. Originally my goal was to mix stop-motion with live action, but that faded over time.


  4. Violet Hankins

    Great work
    Much Love, Dad and Violet


  5. inspiring master. Keep up with your work, always.


  6. Dear John,

    I wonder if you would be interested in trialling our new software for the Mac – Smoovie.

    Smoovie is a really family-friendly stop motion animation app which fills a previous gap in the market for beginners. As well as being perfect for the family, it has great potential within education as current stop motion apps used tend to be overcomplex for the purpose.

    We released Smoovie a week ago and details are available on our website http://www.smoovie-app.com

    You can download a press kit from http://www.openplanetsoftware.com/pr

    If you would be interested in trialling Smoovie please contact us and we will be happy to send you a license. Thank you.


    Karen MacLean

    e karen@openplanetsoftware.com
    t +44 (0)1467 621300
    a Open Planet Software
    Crichiebank Business Centre
    Mill Road
    AB51 3TW


  7. Hi There!
    Really like your stuff. I just started getting into stop mo last year and have met some incredible people through it.
    I just moved to Norway and am also working on meeting and interviewing stop mo animators and cg animators.
    Anyhow, thanks for your continued inspiration!


  8. Thanks for your work. You are certainly an artist. I am working on a project at the moment, and your work has been very helpful.
    Keep up the great work!


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