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Sketchbook swap

I know a lot of stopmotion animators are also artists or at least know their way around a pencil and paper. After reading about a project by Jim Doran :


I decided to do my own sketchbook swap. Thanks Jim for the idea, it is terrific. The basic idea is you buy a sketchbook, draw some sketches and then send it off to another artist, they do some sketches, then they mail it on to the next artist on the list. Eventually your sketch book arrives back at your house with original works of art from artists all over the world. This is how I am going to run it.

*I am going to use a moleskin journal like this one:

I found this one at Barnes and Noble bookstore in the U.S. for about $16 US. But you can use any sketchbook you wish as long as it has at least 100 pages, won’t fall apart will all the mailings, and is easy to mail. So, no really heavy books or really large books. Remember the artists have to mail them to each other all over the world. This one is 5″ x 8 1/4″ and has 100 pages. It will be easy to drop into the mail box.

*Get a sketchbook. Make sure your name and mailing address is on the book cover.

*I will collect names, probably about 10 or so and put them on a list with addresses.

*Each artist will do 5 sketches or drawings and then mail the sketchbook to the artist after them on the list. Please do not modify any other pages or other artist’s works.

*When you receive the book you will have 3 weeks to do your set of sketches and mail it on to the next person. Please initial or sign your sketches or put your name somewhere in each journal so you will be remembered.

*When your journal makes it through all the artists you will get your own sketchbook back. You will have about 50 original works of art from artists all over the world in your sketchbook when it returns to you.

*I may set up a photobucket account or some other photo upload site if the participants wish to share some of the works of art with others. We will end up producing about 500 sketches when we are all complete. I will give everyone the account name and password so any of us can upload any sketch that you really like.

*I will begin as soon as I get 10-13 names. Email me if you are interested.

* This is not to judge others work, but to share creativity. I do not want to hear any negative comments at all about the quality or style of any artist’s works. Any skill level and any style or medium is welcome as long it will fit in the journal without any damage (like watercolor for instance).

Are you ready to start? Let’s get sketching! Email: to sign up.