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making stairs

I began making stairs for my new set. I had a sheet of 1/8″ thick fiberboard normally used for ceramic tile installation laying around. I cut the treads and the stringers on the bandsaw out of the fiberboard. 

The steps are installed here and base coated brown.

For the railings, I turned the individual pieces on the wood lathe and cut a slot under the bannister piece for the individual uprights to fit into.

TTo turn the pieces on the lathe, I had to rig up something that would hold the tiny pieces. I ended up using two sockets that held the square ends of the raw wood.

This is a shot of the upper landing area. The area below the platform that looks like handcarved wood is actually a textured ribbon that is glued in place and painted.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

king’s throne room film

ok, everyone, I have begun my new film.

I wanted to make a great hall or king’s throne room so worked around this as a starting point and wrote a short story that could be shot in the throne room.

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the building the set.

I started by building a new set out of 3/4″ mdf since my last stage was still tied up with the co op film.  Once it was complete and in place I marked off a grid with 1″ squares on the floor. I drilled tiedown holes in every corner.

Corner holes are drilled, then I marked the diagonals

Started drawing a design between the dots in between drilling

Finally all 900 holes are done

I put some black house paint and some white house paint in a tray and stirred just a little, then painted the floor and the walls.

Thinking maybe the walls would be a stone finish.

I cut a shape out to make a stamp. I drew the desired shape on 1/8″ thick plywood, cut it out on the scroll saw, glued the cutout on a plexiglass handle, then stamped the whole floor with paint.

Here is the stamp. The plexiglass allows you to see where you are placing the stamp in between the holes.

When the stamping was done, I traced the outlines with a sharpie pen.

As you can see the tiedown holes are way less noticeable now and look like part of the floor. The floor will get several more paints and touch ups before the finished product.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

My new film in progress

Well everyone, I thought I needed to post what I have been doing lately.

I am still working on the co-op film that I started last January with several other animators. Several people helped write the script, then Emmyymme (Emily) and Woolly Monster (Ceri) made puppets and props and mailed them to me. I have been animating with them for the last several months. There is still a few more months left before the film is complete. More on that later.


But while I am animating on that film I am getting the ideas together for my next film.

It started with the idea of making a King’s throne room or great hall and all the props that went with it. Then I added the idea of the castle’s gardener being involved. So I took a notebook and wrote down the 20 basic plot themes one on each page, then I tried to come up with story ideas in each theme that could be set in the throne room. My wife and I eliminated some, then picked one we liked.

So, the basic story is based on the “escape” theme.

King, knights, and the cook and the gardener are in the throne room doing their normal daily activities when  creatures attack and  capture everyone. In the end the gardener will save the day.

So now I have begun storyboarding which for me just means making a ton of notes in a notebook. I am now acting out the scenes on paper to see if the props and the staging will work.

I have begun some props including some wood items turned on the lathe and a chainmail shirt for one of the knights. For the chainmail I found some 5 mm jumprings at a jewelry supply place and I am opening/closing each one to form the chainmail shirt. The shirt itself has taken three days so far and still not done.



I will get some pictures in here of the co-op film and of the new idea stuff.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.