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Set completion and prop beginning

Ok, most of the set is done now, and it is time to begin the props for this film. Remember this short is only going to be 30 seconds long, set to music by idragosani from the stopmotionanimation.com forum. My challenge to everyone was to have him compose a 30 second music clip and we all animate to it. The deadline is August. I added some coarse turf and some field grass and some flowering foliage. All are available at a hobby store.

Below is some grass stuck in a puddle of glue to dry.

Some more drybrushing with a good and dirty palette. This is not the place for a nice neat palette.

This is kinda what it looks like now. Getting really close now.

Now we begin making our first prop. It is going to be an old wooden sled. I have a full wood shop outside I could use but I want to show you that you can make a great prop with some readily available materials and some simple ideas. I start with a cut piece of cardboard. I bent it up some for the sled front.

I cut two pieces of white paper and glued them one at a time to the bent cardboard. This is called lamination. It will keep the bend in the sled as the glue dries.

This is the first lamination. See how it holds the curve.

I used a paint bottle to help shape the front end.

A clamp with light pressure holds it until dry.

Now I add two pieces of wood on the back

Some more clamps.

Two pieces of styrofoam help the curved shape.

Brush on a sloppy coat of paint that is two or three browns kinda mixed together. And you have a great looking old fashioned wooden sled.

This is what it looks like on the set.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.