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Conditions for Sketchbook Swap

I posted earlier about organizing a sketchbook swap and I now have 5 names already signed up.  So I thought I would try to lay out the guidelines for it in one place. You can check back here as I will keep updating this post to clarify any changes we as a group have made.

*Every person needs to get a sketchbook with the following traits:

100 pages or more

easily mail-able, remember 10 people or so are going to have to pay to mail it.

pages that are not going to fall out in travel

( I am using a Moleskin ($16 from Barnes and Nobles Books in the U.S.)) but you can use whatever you please.

*Every person will do the first 5 sketches in their own book, then mail it to the person below them on the list. You only have to mail to one person. All 10 books will come to you one at a time and when you are completed with your 5 sketches you mail it to your one person. Every person has one address that they mail to, keeps things simple and every book will follow the same round circle to all 10 people. We will exchange addresses through emails so they stay private.

*All artwork can be anything you choose, any style, any topic, any skill level. The only request is please keep the book intact, and easy to mail.

*Please do not mar, mark, or damage any other artwork in the book.

*No comments will be made on any artist’s skill level or entries. This is about sharing creativity and not judging what someone put in the book.

*When the book arrives, you will have 3 weeks to complete 5 sketches and then mail it to the next person.

*When the book has made it to every person you will receive your own sketchbook back filled with new artwork.

*I will probably setup an online photo upload site so we can share photos of entries if you would like.

*Remember you will have to pay for postage for 10 sketchbooks, one every 3 weeks.

*Any comments are very welcomed.

*thanks and enjoy.