Archery quiver progress

I decided to make my archery quiver a three-point restraint system so it would hug my body better and not slide around. I saw a couple of these designs online.

three point

three point

It attaches at the top of the quiver, then it goes over my shoulder to my chest. Then it splits off to two directions. One strap goes under my other arm and down to the bottom of the quiver, and the other goes under the other arm and again down to the bottom of the quiver.

top and bottom

top and bottom

The rings allow the leather straps to move some and not pinch or bind.

pretty secure

pretty secure

It feels pretty secure. I jammed some cloth in the quiver around the arrows to keep them from moving around too much.

ready for the forest

ready for the forest

The three point system feels nice and secure. I added buckles and straps so I could make it adjustable, and metal rings at connection points to make it sit better without binding.

I really like how it came out. Of course, it is brand new, just finished today, but carefully distressed  to make it look old and worn.

Go ahead, make a mess, make a quiver, have some fun.

One response to “Archery quiver progress

  1. Great looking design! Really love it.


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