New stuff at the nerd store

Hello faithful readers,

I wanted to share something with you that I recently learned, and it is this:

there are some incredible new games out there.

Dear wife and I began a few years ago playing Warhammer. It is a battle game where you collect miniature figures, build your army, and then battle them against your opponent. It is super fun, but takes a lot of crafting. You have to buy the miniatures, assemble them, paint them, build your army, and then learn how to battle. It is a lot of crafting and hobby fun as well as the actual gaming fun.

Well, we went down to our local hobby story (nerd store) recently and realized that there are a ton of new board games. I am not referring to the old boring games like Monopoly or Risk. There are new games with incredible artwork, high quality cards and playing pieces, and some even come with miniature figures that you can paint or leave plain.

The games come in many different styles. There are board games, card games, and dice games. There are some where you manage resources like collecting wood for your village. There are some that are fast-paced and competitive, and some others that are easy paced and you work together with other players.

Some games are based in outer space with aliens and ray guns. Some are based in medieval lands or even on pirate ships. Any environment that you can probably imagine, they probably have a game for it.

The artwork is incredible on some of the games, and could easily be something you might want framed if it was larger sized.

You won’t find these games in the typical Walmart or regular store where you buy Chutes and Ladders. You may have to go to a hobby store or a comic book store. There are also plenty of places online you can order from.

The quality is incredible nowadays. The game mechanics are extremely varied. Somewhere out there is a game for everyone.

Playing one of these games feels like a way better use of time than playing video games.

Get down to your local hobby store and take a look. You might be surprised.

Go ahead, make a mess, play a new game, have some fun.

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