Eventually if you want to keep making costumes and props for your films, you may want to learn how to sew. I actually believe almost everyone should know how to do some basic sewing.

I know you think you are super manly, probably a lumberjack or fighter pilot, maybe a kick boxer or an astronaut. But, all of those people could still benefit from knowing how to sew.

The secret is treating it just like another power tool.

I have sewn a tons of stuff, lots of costumes and prop items. And I can teach some basics and some tips to you.

First thing you need is a machine. I don’t care what kind you get, I don’t even have a brand to recommend. To start out, all you need is a simple machine that will sew a straight stitch. I almost never use anything except a simple basic straight stitch. I can’t help you with your machine. The truth is you will have to buy/borrow a sewing machine and teach yourself how to run it. Every machine will need tinkering and tweaking. So, get a machine, borrow one, or buy a simple basic inexpensive machine and learn how it works.

Once you get it, learn how to sew two pieces of fabric together with a simple stitch.

I will put together some sewing tips for you on your journey to learn how to sew costumes.

Go ahead, learn to sew, have some fun.

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