People have looked at my costumes and admired the fabric work, and the leather work, and I have shown you how to create quite a bit of that. But everyone still comes back to the chainmail. So, let’s learn how I make chainmail for my costumes.

I have made two chainmail shirts, they are called hauberks. They are made the same way as real medieval shirts were made, pretty much. My shirts are not fake film props, they are pretty much real. They weigh about 25 pounds each and are comprised of about 10,000 rings that are interlocked to form a pattern.

my first one

my first one

That is my first shirt. It is stainless steel rings, which will never rust. I bought the rings online from The Ring Lord.

I highly recommend buying your rings pre made from them if you can afford it. It will save you hundreds of hours of labor. My first shirt I bought the rings. It was a little over $100 at the time. I have no idea what it would be now. I sat for months at night while watching tv and joined the rings together to form the shirt.

Then later, I made another one. The second one I crafted out of copper wire and formed my own rings, one at a time.

copper chainmail

copper chainmail

That is the completed shirt above.

new copper rings

new copper rings

The photo above shows my first little section of the copper shirt, when the rings were still shiny copper.

It is possible for you to take your own raw wire, and form your own rings, and make your own chain mail. I have done it.

In the next few blog posts, I will show you how. Stay tuned.

Go ahead, make a mess, outfit your heroes, have some fun.

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