Black knight costume

I try to help you learn some things on this blog. I try to share some of my knowledge. I also try to make things look easy enough so you will believe you can do it as well. It is my goal to share any thing that I know, and believe you might benefit from knowing.

But the truth is, sometimes my projects do take some dedication. I still believe you can do it as well, but let’s take a moment at look at one of my costumes.

Let’s examine my black knight costume.

black knight outfit

black knight outfit

Yeah, pretty cool huh? It looks great on film, and it is a great character. Let’s break it down what it took to create.

First I sewed up a pair of red medieval pants, then sewed a black tunic with the symbol. Then I crafted a metal sword and a leather sheath. Add a small dagger, a homemade metal helm, and a hand sewn pair of leather boots. And you are done.

oh yeah,

oh yeah,

Oh, yeah, and a chainmail shirt that is made up of ten thousand stainless steel rings.

yep, that is all

yep, that is all

And you end up with a great costume.

So, hopefully while reading my blog you will learn some of these skills. So, how did I create something like this? Well, I broke it down into parts. I started years ago working on the chainmail shirt. It took several months. I didn’t have a costume in mind at the time, I just wanted some chainmail. Later on, I crafted a pair of leather boots, because I knew a great costume needed great shoes. I still didn’t have a costume in mind.

Eventually I decided on a black knight and began working on those details. But the biggest thing is this simple rule.

Create a world where all of your characters can live together.

Read that sentence again. That is my driving motto when I create something. Almost every thing I create can exist in the same world that I have created. So, my goblins or orcs could easily wear that chainmail, or a wizard could find that helmet. Almost all of my heroes wear those boots.

When I am bored, or want a new project, I go to the shop and build something that will exist in the world that I have created. Mine by the way is “fantasy medieval”. So, if I create a pipe today, any hero in the future can use it. If I want to create a fun weapon tomorrow, then I make sure it fits within my world. You won’t see me building a Roman sword, or a laser blaster, or a lap top case as a fun project. Almost everything I build fits within the same world. So, now after a few years of crafting odds and ends, I have an entire storage shed filled with props, armor, masks, and costume pieces that all fit in the same world. Then I can go out there and mix and match some pieces.

I could easily go to my storage shed, and outfit you as a sad troll, or a lost goblin, or an arrogant hero, or a lonely swamp monster, or even as a reptile queen.

It is the same idea as women that buy a simple black dress, and then add anything they want to it as the occasion arises. Make some basic, non-specific items that can be used for any of your characters. I made a fake tobacco pipe awhile back. It doesn’t have the King’s seal, or someone’s initials on it. It is generic, cool but generic. (It is a dragon claw holding the bowl, photos later). The point is, any character in my world could pick it up, and use it as a prop.

It may take a little while for the power of this idea to sink in. But trust me, it is huge.

Go ahead, make a mess, make some swappable props, have some fun.

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