Fake weapons

So, I have shown you readers how to paint fake weapons and make them look real. But some of you still don’t believe that fake weapons can look great on film. Ok, imagine this shot in your film. Hero stumbles through the castle and passes through the armory on his way to the throne room. The armory is filled with weapons. He grabs an axe, and keeps running. The armory shot is three shots total, for about 9 seconds of film time. Here are the weapons in the armory.

armory weapons

armory weapons

Pretty cool huh?. So….you get 9 seconds to stare at the photo. Which ones are real metal?

Any guesses?

Here is the answer.

real metal ones are circled in red

real metal ones are circled in red

All the ones in red are real metal. All the rest are painted wood. Cool huh?

Here is another group shot of all the weapons.

fake armory weapons

fake armory weapons

The good thing about these is I can make one at a time, then add them to my weapon bin. I can use any of them or all of them as the shot requires.

Go ahead, make a mess, make some fake weapons, have some fun.

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