Some of my earlier works

Would you like to see some of my earliest works in film?

Well, here is the first short video I made. It is about an out of work orc that has returned home from the great war.

The puppet actually has a ball and socket armature. I read about stop motion, and everyone said that was the way to go, so I went to the shop and made an armature. That was 7 years ago. That video was uploaded Sept 14 2007.

Next was a short animation for an old website Stopmoshorts. They held monthly challenges with some keywords.

That one had a witch lady with a wire armature. The voice was done by dear wife. I still have that puppet. That was also 7 years ago.

After a few more tests, I made a short video on how to make a stop motion puppet stage. I showed how using a stop motion puppet.

Then I crafted one of most favorite films. “Free With Purchase”

These got me started into stop motion animation films. I think I have made 8 or 9 stop motion short films so far. More later.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

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