leather glue

Gluing pieces of leather together is also an option. You may be tempted to use white glue, wood glue, or Gorilla glue. For some uses, they may work.

I have tried a few brands now.



This one you may see in your craft store. It goes on like sticky glue. Your pieces must be clamped or pinned and you must wait.

tanners bond

tanners bond

The one above is a white glue. It works pretty well. It goes on like most white glues. Your pieces should be clamped or pinned. Not bad. It holds pretty well. I have had some pieces pull apart, but sometimes this brand is the only one you can find locally.

You might see this on the shelf and want to try it:

shoe goo

shoe goo

I probably wouldn’t recommend it. It make work ok for small repairs or a very small project.

But, when I walked into a leather shoe repair store here locally there was only one glue on the shelf for sale. That should tell you something.



Barge cement is the glue that you will see mentioned online all over the place. It is flexible, and strong, and quick. It works like contact cement. You brush some on both sides, let tack up for a few minutes, then press the two pieces together. It grabs instantly. If you are going to do a large project or something that really needs to be durable, I would suggest finding some of this. I looked everywhere locally and could not find any any where. I finally saw some in a shoe repair store. Tandy leather sells a tube like this for $10 online. I am using this on my leather armor currently. It seems to be some great stuff. It has a little bit of a smell but not horrible. It doesn’t really allow you to re-position  your piece once it is placed. It is quick, strong, and flexible. I am almost finished the front and back of my armor vest, and I have used about half of a tube.

Go ahead, make a mess, glue some leather together, have some fun.

One response to “leather glue

  1. Alicia DR Hankins

    How’s the smell on this one? Does it have smelly fumes like epoxy?


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