Cutting leather

Ok, so you have picked out some leather, you ordered and now it has arrived. You are all excited and are ready to make your first leather project.

Well, let’s talk about how you can cut your leather into the correct-sized parts.

One way to cut leather, especially straight lines is a roller cutter like you would find for sewing.

roller cutters

roller cutters

These work really well with a straight edge as a guide. Keep your blade sharp, and watch your fingers. They work great.

Another way to cut lines is a simple razor knife.

razor knife

razor knife

Again, be careful around your fingers.

When cutting curves or delicate pieces, I use heavy duty scissors.

Fiskars utility cutter

Fiskars utility cutter

The photo above is the exact model that I use. They are Fiskars utility cutter. But any heavy duty scissors should be able to cut through leather.

heavy duty scissors

heavy duty scissors

Once you have some pieces cut, you will begin to assemble them together. I will cover some of the ways in upcoming blog posts. By the way, it appears that the scissors in the above photo (from the internet) are cutting vegetable tanned leather. Notice how raw it looks? That is what tooling leather looks like.

Go ahead, make a mess, cut your leather, have some fun.

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