Why read my blog?

Well, quite a few of you have followed along with my blog for a few weeks now. And every day a new person cruises by. So, why should you read my blog?

Well, hmmm, let’s see. Well, for one thing, it is FREE. I am not super famous yet, so for the time being I am still producing a blog that you can read for free. Once I become filthy rich and Hollywood level famous, then you might have to pay to read my thoughts. But for now, it is free.



I have no formal training, and everything I know has been self-taught or collected from a thousand sources. So, maybe I will explain something or present it in a way that is different from the established traditional way. Maybe something I present will make more sense to you than the book version. So, there is that.

film school

film school

I have made a few films now. I have played every role, and worn every hat. I have struggled through on a tiny budget. I am hoping that some of my experience might actually be something that helps you out in your film making journey and it is one stumbling block you can skip over because I already did it.

stumbling block

stumbling block

I am not a huge film maker, or even a great one. I do consider myself a very decent prop maker. So, for sure, I can help you with the prop crafting part of your film. But, in all of my travels and studies and experiences, I have picked up a few things, and I would like to share them with you. I believe creative knowledge should be available to whomever that wishes to learn. So, this is me doing my part in sharing some knowledge.

So, keep reading, follow along. It should be an interesting journey. Who knows, you might even learn something. And did I mention it is FREE?

For some of you, maybe all of that is not enough incentive. Well,…let’s see. How about this then. Keep reading my blog posts, and sometime soon I will share the secret to a really flaky pie crust that you can make at home. Everyone loves pie, right?

everyone loves pie

everyone loves pie

Go ahead, make a mess, keep reading my blog, stay tuned for the pie crust secret, have some fun.

2 responses to “Why read my blog?

  1. Bryan Allan Krauss

    I’ve very much enjoyed reading your blog. Are you also working on a steampunk short film?


  2. bryan, thanks for reading. Yes I am working on a steampunk film with a friend from Sweden. We are also working on a D&D style film, and I have my own personal heist film in the works.


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