It is normal for them

In our short film we talked about earlier, hero walks through the kitchen to the bedroom to find aliens and werewolves fighting to the death.

In that film, certain things are normal in the hero’s world. There are things that are everyday commonplace. And if we lived in his world we would never think twice about them. Hero walks through kitchen. Let’s take a look at that scene. Med wide, hero walks from right to left past kitchen stuff towards the bedroom. 3 second shot. A frying pan on the stove is completely normal. You would never zoom in on the frying pan. It exists in his world, it is nothing new, odd, or strange, and has nothing to do with the story. So, you as camera guy would never give it a second thought.

You need to remember this point when you create a world in your film. If you create a new world, like fantasy or sci fiction you will have to create what is normal for the hero. It is your job as the camera guy to ignore what is normal.

See this cart?

small cart

small cart

It was in my last film. Not a single person mentioned that the cart was being pulled by a two-legged purple creature. Probably no one even noticed. I never gave it any special camera attention on purpose. It is completely normal in their world like a horse would be for us, so it didn’t deserve any special camera time.

Watch my film again. It is there, a two-legged upright purple creature that pulls the cart.

But I never directed your attention to it. There was no need. It didn’t help the story, and to the characters in the story it was a normal everyday occurrence.

Here is another shot of it because it is a really cool prop.

yep, he is purple

yep, he is purple

He is actually a stop motion puppet from one of my films many years ago.

and kinda small as well.

and kinda small as well.

So, this post is not how to create a miniature cart, or how to animate a stop motion puppet to fill in for a creature that doesn’t exist. This post is to remind you to keep the viewer’s focus on the story, not something cool you made, and not something that is a normal occurrence in your hero’s life.

It also shows you how much you can get away with in your film if you treat the important parts like they are important, and the non-important parts like they are nothing to be concerned with.

You will never see the frying pan. You will only see the aliens and the werewolf.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun, and remember it is real and boring for them in their world.

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