Multiple tasks

Ok, if you are working on this film alone, or basically alone you need to multitask. The trick is to work on stuff that you when you can. Making some lists in the beginning helps. At this point in the production I now have lists of costumes that need to work on, locations to consider, props to build, creatures to consider, etc.

So, for example I pass by a thrift store.

thrift store

thrift store

I can pop in and look for a piece of costume for the main goblin hero. But since I already have all my lists prepared, I may also come across some scrap wood.



I know I may need a few pieces for a location setup that I am going to include. Then, the next day I may see some styrofoam and know from my list that I need a prop built.



Having a list and an overview of what you will need for the film allows you to pick and choose during the year and not be forced to locate it at the last minute. If you waited until the last minute you may not find the object or you may be forced to pay for it. Working alone, and poor, these little lists help you to procure items that you need with a little more success and a little less money.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

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  1. Alicia DR Hankins

    Ive got my list, ready!

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