Numbering storyboards

When I have a basic set of storyboards in the three ring binder I number the shots in the top right hand corner of the paper. I usually break big scenes down and start them with a 100 number. First scene would start with 100, second big scene would start with number 200 etc. In the scene, I number the sheets in order, counting by fives. Here is what the first 3 shots in the 100 scene would look like numbered.

shot numbering

shot numbering

So, I have now three shots. Counting by fives allows my room to add more shots if I need to. Let’s say I need to add another shot of the hero between 100 and 105. I would draw the storyboard and number it 103.

adding a sheet

adding a sheet

So, that is done. But I have decided to add another shot as well, between 103 and 105. I still have room.

another shot added

another shot added

So, that gave me a lot of wiggle room, but I still want to add one more shot between the 103 and 104. This is where I add a letter.

add a letter

add a letter\

So, it is a pretty basic simple system and I feel a bit foolish even showing it to you but it does work out really well and it gives you tons of flexibility. If it gets too messy, just scribble over the numbers and re write them. This is the magic of paper and pen. I can now pull out shots 100, 103a, and 105 and take those pages to the set and film those shots. I will label the film clips to match the shot numbers. For a year while working on the film, everything for shot 104 will be numbered with a 104 on it. And everything stays neat and organized.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

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