Story book

After I have a basic story idea written down in fragments in my journal that I take with me everywhere, I really start spending the film budget.

The first thing I always buy is a fifty cent notebook dedicated to that film.


cheap composition notebook

I write the story down in this book.


story ideas or fragments

Then I begin to break it down into several lists. I list the characters that are involved.

character list

list of characters

Then I list locations that will be shown in the film.


locations used in the film

A list may include creatures that could possibly appear in the film.


creature oppurtunities

The notebook is super cheap, it can be taken anywhere you go. The lists really let you start to see what is involved in your film. It helps to organize you and keeps everything in one place for you. I know that there are tons of electronic ways to do this, but you would be surprised how nice it is to have simple pen and paper. Plus as an added bonus, once you are super famous, these notebooks will be worth a fortune.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

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