New film for 2015

Hello everyone,

I am going to work on reviving this blog for the new year. I will take you through the steps that I take to create a film one step at a time.

The first thing I always do is I begin writing down story ideas. I keep a small journal with me every time I leave the house. When I wait for the waitress to arrive with our food I jot down notes and story ideas and small doodles. I do this for months before I get the story fleshed out. 

one of my journal

one of my journals

Small little fragments or ideas that I have. I don’t censor any. I just jot them down.

some film notes

some film notes

Some creature sketches. The hand puppet idea at the top actually made it into the film. IMG_5081

Journals like this really let you capture ideas when they happen and keep you from trying to force them to happen when you want them to.

Go Ahead. Make a mess.  Have some fun.

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  1. Love it!


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