Live action film progress

Hello everyone,
We have made a bit of progress on the live action/stop motion film. I have created the puppet, I have storyboarded some shots, and we did some live action filming.
We practiced the moves with someone, then removed them and shadowboxed the moves against an invisible opponent. I took that footage and imported into it After Effects. I did some lighting tests with a puppet against a greenscreen and shot some footage of it standing there . I brought both videos together and keyed out the greenscreen to see how the puppet looks. It is not perfect yet but it is a good start. Here is the result.

The puppet is 9 inches tall. Once I get the lighting correct I will erase this and animate the puppet to match the sword fight actions.

Here is the first real animation/lighting test

lighting is still off, but getting closer.

Here are more lighting tests:

One response to “Live action film progress

  1. I am so excited by your project man….awesome!!



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