Live action film update

So, the costume is finished and the first sword fight choreographed

To choreograph the fight scene I watched hours and hours of sword fights and stage combat videos to come up with ideas. Finally I found a site that listed 3 of the greatest choreographed sword fights from old movies. Surprisingly in the list was the Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker light saber duel when Darth cuts off Luke’s hand. So, I decided to use that as a basis for my fight. I wrote down every beat in the fight scene, every attack and every parry. It is written almost like a musical composition. It has three distinct parts to it. Part 1 is Luke attacking but Vader just defending, testing Luke to see his skill level. Part 2 is pretty even offense and defense as Vader steps up the pressure. Part 3 Vader goes all out and goes really physical and loses the finesse. These three parts work great to really build the tension and excitement.

So, anyway, I copied down every beat and wrote my own medieval moves to fit the beats.

So, we practiced the first part until we had it down pretty well. We packed up all the parts and headed to the location.

Within 20 minutes of being onsite the police showed up. We had to move all our stuff to another location across the street. Eventually we began filming. My idea was to have a stand in actor do the creature’s sword part and fight against me. That way I would get to really hit a real sword and a have a real target. I thought I would erase the actor later and leave the sword and then just animate the puppet to match the sword. Here is the first test.

so…I took the video home and plugged it into After Effects and erased the person and left the sword. The problem was it left a shadowy effect around the actor.

So, I took another clip and erased the sword completely but still the shadowy effect is still there. So, now I think I may have to do something different. Harryhausen practiced the sword fights and then had the actors mime it out with nothing there. I may have to go back and reshoot and do it that way.

Will keep you updated.

Oh, we ran into several issues while onsite, including my prosthetic nose and chin kept falling off. I have to figure out a fix for that. May have to buy some real Prosaide.

On the side I am still creating the puppet armature.


Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

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