New project

Hello everyone,
It is time to begin the next project. This one will incorporate me as a live actor fighting against a stopmotion puppet. A dynamation type short film.

So, I have made lots of progress on this idea already and now it is time to get you caught up.

Ok, the script is basically written now. It goes like this: Maiden in the forest is trying to cross the bridge but a scary creature is blocking the path. A goblin wanders up and offers to help. After a big sword fight scene the maiden and the goblin work together to finally overcome the creature, yay everyone is happy.

I will play the goblin and dear wife will play the fair maiden and the creature will be stopmotion.

A ton of stuff had to be done to get to this point. I had to find an inexpensive video camera that shot HD. Once that was done we took it to the forest and did some short video tests and some sound tests.

I also had to create a costume. Here are some photos of that. I tried to make my own leather shoes but they turned out badly so I bought a pair of old shoes from Goodwill and removed the heels to make them more medieval looking.

I covered that hole in the heel with a piece of leather.

I also created an entire shirt of chain mail. I stripped insulation off electrical wire, coiled it around an aluminum dowel, then cut rings off, then joined them. 8000 so far. That is a whole another post on the steps for all of that. But here are some almost finished photos.

I will  post later step by step photos on how to make chain mail.

So, with some leather armor I already had from past projects that I had created earlier, and some green paint, and some prosthetic ears and nose the costume began to take shape.

Once the costume and most of the props were completed I began choreographing the sword fight. Most of that is written now. I created a puppet with a wire armature but then decided maybe I should create a ball and socket armature to give me more mobility in the creature. So that is in progress now.

Tons of stuff going on, I will update more later as it progresses.

Tons of work, ton of labor, tons of stuff I needed to learn.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

3 responses to “New project

  1. Dood!! this is so awesome!! I have always wanted to do this…

    I cant wait to watch the progress.



  2. There’s certainly a lot to know about this topic. I love all the points you have made.


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