new film started

Ok everyone,

I have begun my next film. This one will mix live action and stopmotion like the old Dynamation. The basic story is a fair maiden requests help from a grumpy forest goblin in dealing with a threatening creature.


I will play the goblin, no big surprise there. I have most of the costume put together so far. Dear wife will play the maiden and most of her costume is ready as well.

I have made several wooden swords and painted them to look like metal. I will upload photos of those later.

I have begun the stopmotion creature.  It is about half finished. Pictures of him later as well.

Our plan is to rehearse the choreography with dear wife stepping in to play the role of the creature during the sword fight. I will then go back and do the sequence without her there and will later insert the stopmotion puppet.

I will either shoot the puppet against green screen or frontlight/backlight. I am not sure yet.

So, stay tuned and I will get some photos uploaded shortly.


go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

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