some still shots from fish film

here are a few still shots taken from the animation shots from my fish film.

This one has the flying rig removed.

The straight rod above the fish is a threaded rod/flying rig.







I needed more light so I put a homemade barn door on track light head. The shield prevent the light from casting shadows from my body on the set. It is just scrap wood screwed to the ceiling.

The bottom piece is adjustable to contain the excess light.


So far, I have shot about 600 frames. Holidays have slowed the progress some.


Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

7 responses to “some still shots from fish film

  1. Looks sweet!
    You can hire out your seahorse as a fishtank cleaner… or get a whole gang of them and they could do swimming pools! Something really appealing about that little guy with the broom!


  2. Oh god, John, this looks incredible!! It’s exactly how I hope my underwater scene might look! You’re knocking outta the park! Looks your best yet.

    Love the seahorse with the broom too. umm, do you suppose he could play a cameo in the halfsea area, you know, when his current project is wrapped?!


  3. It really looks great, thank you for sharing this. The fish are perfect.



  4. Awesome! Puppet/set/lighting/color scheme are all great!


  5. I just love everything I’m seeing; I think this is going to be your best film yet! Every time you post a new picture, I marvel at all the little background details. The best part is that you’re making this in your room! I’d pay 50 cents for a tour.

    Also, is that broom made from a paintbrush? If so, you are a genius!



  6. fantastic work man! love the colors and the creatures. the set is perfect! can’t wait to see it all come to life.


  7. man…I love when you drop all these awesome pics!!



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