some other fish armatures

I also made a lionfish and a seahorse puppet for the fish film. Just basic wire armature for the seahorse.

Hot melt glue for the bones. Cushion foam to build up muscles.


This the is lionfish armature. I drew the fish to scale. Cut a MDF block for the body, drilled some holes for wires. Hot melt glued the wires in place. And glued in a square brass K/S tube for the flying rig.




This shows the flying rig holding the fish.

Cover the whole thing with dabbed on black and white latex.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

4 responses to “some other fish armatures

  1. These are great! I really like your rigging design too.


  2. Your sea creatures armatures are very cool and inspiring.
    I can’t wait to see them finished and in action within your wonderfull set.

    Thanks to share these “in progress” pictures.


  3. Great progress on the fish puppets – the seahorse came up great in the clip, so I’m looking forward to seeing the other fish in action!


  4. These look terrific! I keep checking your blog all the time for updates, so post some already!


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