Beginning of the underwater film

So, the throne room film is complete and is now on my youtube channel. It is called “Shear Fear”.

So, now it is time to begin a new film. This one takes place underwater on a tiny little reef. The main characters will be seahorses, hermit crabs, fish and shrimp.

This is how I began to form the reef set. I took some styrofoam and began to add some shape to the set. I cut some small pieces of foam on the bandsaw and glued together around a semi-circle to form this red coral.

I brushed several layers of paint on until I was happy with the color.

Add some more foam for the reef walls.

Fill the gaps in with some foam insulation.

Wrap some wires together and make some branches.

Wrap the branches with some thin foam.

Keep wrapping to form the coral branches.

I used thread to hold the foam in place until it could be covered later. I also hot melt glued some edges down.

This is bandage wrap. Athletes use it under their boxing gloves.

Almost finished wrapped.

Dap liquid latex (Mold Builder Latex) that has been tinted green on to the foam wrap.

Apply many coats until you reach the desired finish. Two corals done, maybe 15 more to do.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

5 responses to “Beginning of the underwater film

  1. I predict that this set will look fantastic (as it is starting to look already).
    The coral is ingenious!


  2. Vincent Tetreault

    Great beginning ! The set will be awesome. I love the corals too. What do you use to tint your mold builder latex ?


  3. I tint the latex with water based paint. I use vallejo model paints but any water-based paint should tint the latex. I use about a teaspoon of latex and a few drops of paint. Stir it all together then dab onto your puppet or prop.


  4. That set is looking amazing, John! I’m so stealing some of your structure ideas for my underwater set too! Way to go!



    great stuff man….loved the whole process you took us through.



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