behind the scenes photos of throne room

here are some random behind the scene shots of the throne room film including some of the set being taken apart after the last shot.

The camera rig that I moved where I needed it to the get the shot.

The final shot with a group photo of the cast.

Lighting effects with homemade barn doors and diffusers.

Taking the set apart after the final shot.

Breaking down the stairs and the railing.

Props go in a box for future use.

The beginning of the exterior set. Paper mache and styrofoam.

Where the magic happens.

One little corner of my bedroom.

Waiting for their scene.

Handpainted floor with a million tiedown holes.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

2 responses to “behind the scenes photos of throne room

  1. Always cool to see how artists work. Cool. Careful with your diffusers! Make me nervous about them getting too hot when all covered over. And be sure to kiss your wife for putting up with a set in her bedroom! Stop motion spouses are so tolerant of us crazies!


  2. Excellent craftsmanship!


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