Some more exterior set photos

I have been absent for awhile now but I have been busy working on the throne room film. Here are more photos of the exterior set of the throne room film. This is the set outside waiting for nightfall.

The rig at the top is a flying rig that will move the gliders along the set. The three small things in the middle of the below photo are the gliders. Notice also the new wooden camera rig I use to hold my camera. It slides up and down, tilts up and down, and twists side to side. Knobs on the side tighten the rig in one place. A bolt tightens the twisting motion. My webcam is hot melt glued to the top of the digital camera.

Here is a better view of the camera rig.

Below are the three gliders in place.

This is a wider view.

It is all paper mache and paint, and will be shot all after sunset.

The tiny gliders.

The gliders will be pulled along with a threaded rod and a wingnut.

The busy background will be digitally painted out.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

4 responses to “Some more exterior set photos

  1. Wow! This just looks amazing – the set combined with all the rigs is just gorgeous, it’s like an animators dream! Amazing that you’re filming outsite (mosquitoes would eat you alive here!)


  2. Stunning! The intricacy of what you do is just amazing.


  3. Dang Thats cool man!!



  4. awesome! looks like lots of fun.


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