Exterior set for throne room film

I have begun building the exterior set for the throne room film. Creatures have to fly in and attack a castle. The set will be about 5 feet square and will be too big to bring inside. I will place the set on the ground when ready to film and film it at night to reduce the flicker.

I took an old door and placed styrofoam pieces to form the basis of the mountain. Paper mache was placed over the styrofoam and then painted.

The bridge and a tower.

Instead of plaster of paris I used tile mortar, it is super strong and cheap, you just need to wear gloves since the mortar can burn your skin. Just mix it up kinda runny, and dip your newspaper in it just like regular paper mache.

The castle is mostly foam with paper cutouts for windows and a plastic screen cut for the top railing.

I have added another section on this side of the existing foam to extend the landscape more on this side. Photos of that later.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

6 responses to “Exterior set for throne room film

  1. That looks awesome, John! Great perspective. And anything with paper mache has my vote! Love it.


  2. Looks amazingly cool – I think it’s great the materials you use and how you can turn them into something totally believable!

    I am excited about these shots!


  3. Wow! It all looks…AMAZING! So cool to see visuals of what you’ve been talking about. It’s hard to envision through words alone. The pics really add another dimension to the explanation! I must confess, though. With the towers and flying buttresses, the “castle” looks more like a cathedral to me. (-:


  4. EPIC!!!

    Looking fantastic man!



  5. You should be a set builder for a living, man.


  6. these are some amazing set pictures! simple stunning castle! forgive me if i´m wrong but is that going to be snow around the castle and landscape?


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