adding hair to a puppet

this is one way I use to add texture like hair or fur to a puppet.

First I find an old pet toy and steal some fibers. But you can use any fibers that you have.

cut the fibers into very small pieces over a container

add some acrylic paint

stir it all together until fully covered

I use a rubber tipped clay shaper, but you can use anything you wish.

Put some mold builder latex in the fiber/paint mixture.

I use a disposable plastic spoon

Mix the latex into the fibers.

Begin dabbing the mixture onto your puppet. Begin with small amounts to ensure better control.

Keep applying to the hairy parts of your puppet.

This shows the wet latex,..the latex will dry dark red like the rest of the puppet.

This is a great method to add hair or fur. Keep your fibers short to prevent limiting the puppet’s movement. Longer fibers constrict movement. Dab a little at a time in small batches for better control. The great thing about this method is the fibers don’t really move much at all when dry and don’t move when you are animating the puppet.

here are some photos of it dry..

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

5 responses to “adding hair to a puppet

  1. Great, can you show what the fur looks like after it’s dry? fanx!


  2. Thanks for the tutorial! This is very very useful.


  3. Excellent! Thanks for the tips, I love your site.


  4. man..this maks so muh sence!

    thanks for putting it on the interet for us all.



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