making stairs

I began making stairs for my new set. I had a sheet of 1/8″ thick fiberboard normally used for ceramic tile installation laying around. I cut the treads and the stringers on the bandsaw out of the fiberboard. 

The steps are installed here and base coated brown.

For the railings, I turned the individual pieces on the wood lathe and cut a slot under the bannister piece for the individual uprights to fit into.

TTo turn the pieces on the lathe, I had to rig up something that would hold the tiny pieces. I ended up using two sockets that held the square ends of the raw wood.

This is a shot of the upper landing area. The area below the platform that looks like handcarved wood is actually a textured ribbon that is glued in place and painted.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

5 responses to “making stairs

  1. Excellent craftsmanship, John. The floor pattern technique is especially clever.


  2. indeed man….this all is very inspiring!



  3. Beautiful lathe work- something I’ve always been interested in, great to see it applied in miniature!


  4. m_) I’ve seen this before, and I even thought I commented….
    Either way, is fascinating. I just finished last night making about 70 holes in my tie-down surface. I used to have a walk cycle area, but now is all holes – like a big cheese

    The stair looks fantastic…


  5. Looks fantastic as usual! It really shows that a lot of effort goes into this, I especially like the railings.


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