more throne room progress

This is an updated photo of the set progress so far. I turned some columns on the wood lathe, added some trim wood behind the throne chair, and turned a barrel on the lathe. I painted a celtic design on some plexiglass to use as a stained glass window. I added a wall and a doorway on the left out of mdf. The celtic design on the floor is another piece of plexiglass for the window.

I sculpted a hinge out of clay for the main door, cast it in plaster to make a mold then pressed green stuff putty in the mold to make four identical hinges.

Once they were dry I primed them and glued them to the doors. The doors are 1/8″ thick fiber board used for installing ceramic tiles.

I sculpted a top to the columns out of clay, then covered it with latex to make a mold. The first round failed so I re sculpted and tried again.

The stained glass windows are glued in place in the wall panel.

I painted the door panels with several layers of paint. They look way better in real life than this blurry photo. The top design is drawn on plasticard, then cut by hand with a razor knife then glued in place.

I painted the columns with some brown paint.

More to come later. Go ahead make a mess, have some fun.

3 responses to “more throne room progress

  1. Messes are grand ways of having fun – and the results of your messes are fanstastic to look at.


  2. looking good dude. Love how you did the floor.


  3. Man…this is looking really cool!!



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