king’s throne room film

ok, everyone, I have begun my new film.

I wanted to make a great hall or king’s throne room so worked around this as a starting point and wrote a short story that could be shot in the throne room.

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the building the set.

I started by building a new set out of 3/4″ mdf since my last stage was still tied up with the co op film.  Once it was complete and in place I marked off a grid with 1″ squares on the floor. I drilled tiedown holes in every corner.

Corner holes are drilled, then I marked the diagonals

Started drawing a design between the dots in between drilling

Finally all 900 holes are done

I put some black house paint and some white house paint in a tray and stirred just a little, then painted the floor and the walls.

Thinking maybe the walls would be a stone finish.

I cut a shape out to make a stamp. I drew the desired shape on 1/8″ thick plywood, cut it out on the scroll saw, glued the cutout on a plexiglass handle, then stamped the whole floor with paint.

Here is the stamp. The plexiglass allows you to see where you are placing the stamp in between the holes.

When the stamping was done, I traced the outlines with a sharpie pen.

As you can see the tiedown holes are way less noticeable now and look like part of the floor. The floor will get several more paints and touch ups before the finished product.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

2 responses to “king’s throne room film

  1. Those tiles are beautiful! They look like they come straight out of a middle-Eastern palace, and making the tie-down holes part of the design is a nifty idea.


  2. Thanks for the tour, very well done.


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