some past puppets

I thought I would share some photos of past puppets I have created all in one place.


woolly creature

witch for stopmoshorts haiku

wire with latex skin painted on

dog like puppet wire armature with latex skin

used in "free with purchase" and soundbite challenge

goblin puppet maker from "free with purchase"

ball and socket armature, green stuff for head


ball and socket armature, used in "piece of mime" and soundbite challenge

clay head sculpt, unfinished puppet in background

unfinished puppet and a clay head sculpt


3 goblins from "public service annoucement"

goblin king

prize for animation challenge at stopmotionmagic

goblin puppet maker

used in "build a simple puppet stage"

captain and deckhand

main two puppets from "remotely responsible"



green creature

used in "remotely responsible"

gypsy woman and son

used in "free with purchase"

three main guys

from "third necessity"

orange puppet

prize given away for animation challenge stopmotionmagic


sound bite challenge


used in "piece of mime"


first puppet ever made "orc in limbo"



4 responses to “some past puppets

  1. “R.S. COAL” Hehheh! Good one!


  2. what a Big collection!!

    great to see them all in one place.



  3. m_) we are missing marsy. I ll shot it for you.


  4. You should start a museum


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