new storyboard

This is a very rough draft of the story for the new co-op film. I am looking for advice from any writers out there.  The puppets are monsters, and the sets have been built so that will not be changed, but no animation has been done so the story can be changed or improved.
Long shot exterior house to set scene. Probably a combo of a real house prop and
a digital matte background

Dad enters kitchen with bags from DIY store, greets mom and son
Everyone is all excited for the new projects

Dad enters bedroom and sets bags down
Dad fetches his tools
Dad sets up ladder, lays out tools

Painting begins,
Seems to go ok for awhile, brush moves, applies paint
Runs into first problem,

Paint spills onto carpet, Dad tries to clean it up to no avail
Dad slides the rug over to cover the spot

Paints a bit more, but runs out of paint,
Covers unpainted spot with poster

Painting is done, parts put away
Now tries to put together bed
First two pieces go together
Now pieces everywhere
Gets worse, and bed looks bad

Flashes back to kitchen and mom and son are eating, playing, whatever

Dad still working,
Finally gets the bed looking almost like a bed

Dad is supposedly finished,
Room looks kinda crappy, paint drips all over
Bed pieces laying around
Signs of bad craftsmanship all over

Proud Dad brings in son and Mom to show off his work
They look but are not overly impressed
Kid burps a flaming fire ball

The whole room is charred and burnt

Maybe Mom hands Dad a “how to” book

Somehow roll credits and show a photo somewhere of all three standing in new
room and it looks great.

4 responses to “new storyboard

  1. I know we’re all running behind (I think so, based on the schedule?) but I’m still really excited about this – it’s going to be alot of fun!


  2. Fantastic information=) i will definitely come back soon…


  3. Your castle set is looking amazingly fantastic! Paper Mache is clearly the best to work with-can’t wait to see it finished!


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