flying film progress update

Well everyone,  it has been awhile since my last update. Here is what is going on with me and the film.

The ship’s interior sets are complete. One set is the captain’s bridge, and the other is below decks where the deckhand is hanging out. All the props are made and installed. I began filming on these two sets a week or so ago.  I have filmed about 8 or 9 shots so far.

The outside sets with the large landscape is still sitting in the shop outside waiting to be completely finished. It is about 95% complete.

So, the flying ship film is still moving forward and I am slowly making progress. I have been working on since October.

So, in other news, I am on the side trying to make replacement heads. I sculpted a head in plasticine, made a two part silicone mold of it, poured in melted van aken clay, made 9 copies in clay, sculpted new expressions in these clay faces, and then started making silicone molds of each new clay expression. In these new molds I am casting plaster of paris to end up with a new hard head with the new expression. Tons of work, and I will blog about this more later in detail.

My flying ship film also needed a robotic arm so I have been soldering stainless steel balls onto rods and making aluminum plates to form ball and socket joints for the the robotic arm, also working on a claw for the end.

I started a coop project on and that is progressing along also. So far we have a basic storyline kinda figured out.

More later with photos when I can…

One response to “flying film progress update

  1. Glad to hear how it’s coming along! I’m not sure how you find the time with all the projects going, but I can’t wait to see the plaster heads!


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