flying ship scenery progress

Well, the last couple of days I have worked on the captain’s chair for the ship interior shot, it is wooden and will spin as the captain works all the controls, it is mostly done now.

I did a lot of paper mache work on the first scenery part, but had a bit of a problem. Where I am working on the set is different than where I store it so it has to be moved. The first time I moved it a lot of the paper mache cracked and fell apart. So today I redid some of it with thicker plaster mixture and I also added a big dose of wood glue to the mix. It seems to stick a lot better now. I painted some of the finished plaster flat black and then added some grass turf mixture to it with watered down white glue. More photos to follow, but just a quick update for tonight. I also realized I need to make a new puppet for the young deck hand. None of the ones I currently have will work for the young reckless puppet. I will probably start the wire armature for that tonight maybe.

One response to “flying ship scenery progress

  1. (^ lightening up the driver’s face or darkening down the hands might be good too ? but as I tried to mention befor aout wART and cast offs of that one might be good deckhands.

    (^ i plan on dropping some movement studies into someplace soon. I’ve a great one of titerope walkers along with some of children jumping around at a jogathon.


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