Some set building

I have just begun the basic set building for the flying ship film. I bought 4×8′ sheet of 1″ thick styrofoam insulation from the home store for about $20 US. I cut it with a razor knife, bandsaw, handsaw, and a file. I cut the basic hills and rocks and landscape items, glued them on with liquid nails in a caulking gun, and then paper mached over them. The next step is to apply a layer of flat black paint with a brush since spray paint will melt the foam.

The pepsi can is there for scale.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

2 responses to “Some set building

  1. This set is going to be epic – can’t wait to see the whole thing take shape!
    Oooh, just a suggestion, but Games Workshop have started making a little airbrush for use with their paints. It’s ideal for spraying onto large areas of styrofoam with, and means you avoid brushmarks in the paint.


  2. this one looks really weird – but great. Now that it is “just” styrofoam. But yes, I can only agree to what woolymonster said – epic. I’ll relate to this one as: The Bi’Un.


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