My new film

I have started working on my next short. Here is the basic storyline.

A serious hardworking captain of an airship and his young deck hand are piloting an airship to their delivery site. The deck hand quickly gets bored and plays a prank on the captain. The captain is not impressed.  The airship continues to travel across a very detailed landscape. Eventually the captain gets the chance to prank the young deck hand and justice is served.

The airship will travel across a set I am going to set up in my wood shop. I am planning a 10-12 foot long set so the airship can travel over a varied and detailed landscape. Most of the action will be interior shots of the cabin as the captain and the deck hand interact.  The airship will be about 12 inches long and will look like something Leonardo Da Vinci would have invented.

I started with a piece of styrofoam and cut it to rough shape using the bandsaw and a file.

I used a paper cutter to cut some strips of paper that would look like long boards.

I applied the paper strips to the form.

Add some balsa wood parts like the keel and some fins.

Add a hot air balloon on top.

This flying air ship will have plenty more details.

One response to “My new film

  1. I like that air ship, the wood plank texture worked really well, thanks for sharing your process!


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