new little project

Hello everyone,

As you probably know by now is no longer up and running. And it seems that by Marc Spess is going to help fill in some of the void. To help faciltate this I have volunteered to help out on the site and Marc put me in charge of animation exercises every month. So the way it works is I post a theme, you can animate anything you wish to that theme. Puppets don’t have to be finished, sets don’t have to be done, flying rigs don’t have to be removed. There are no real rules. You can even post them anywhere you wish and just put a link to it in the right topic. And you can always go back and do the exercises from months before if you wish.  Here is the link to the forum:

The topic or theme for Sept is “puppet uses a lever”.

Here is my entry:

I had the set already built, and the puppet done, I just had to make a gargoyle and the long lever.

This is a good way to improve your skills and get a quick little animation up and completed. You should give it a go.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

2 responses to “new little project

  1. your animation is really getting better!



  2. very nice ! the bow his arm describes is very nicely done…


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