tearing down the Poetree set

this is the set with just the puppet removed

Here is my super fancy way expensive light diffuser set up. It is a track light fixture with a plastic pickle jar over it so it would not produce such sharp shadows.

This is what it looked like with the light on.

So the puppet finds a spot overlooking the puppet workstation.

Here are the stack of xsheets I had to use and my little tool trays on the side of my stage. I have thread, super glue, c clamps, sculpting tools, scissors, brushes etc over there.

The plants come up. I scrape the glued down parts a bit and clean up the set.

I then take the entire stage outside to make room for the next stage.

The next stage is already built and is outside. This is why I keep two stages in use. I can shoot on one, while in the shop building the next one.

Glad you all enjoyed the Poetree film. Time to make some more mess and begin the next film.

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