lipsync animation film finished

for all of you who have been following the set construction and my progress, the lipsync film is finally finished.

Woolly Monster made the puppet and Don Carlson did the voice work.

It can be seen here

5 responses to “lipsync animation film finished

  1. turned out great castle, must feel good to get that accomplished. whats next on your agenda ?


  2. I have started a new set and it is mostly finished already, it is an outdoor garden setting. I am working on the story now.


  3. Wow. Loved it! Ceri’s puppet looks amazing in this. The woolen texture and detail really look fresh and unusual in stop motion. Love it. And Pram rocks the voice over! He’s great. This is your best yet, John (and Alicia!)


  4. Awww thanks, Shelley! I didn’t even know what I was voicing, so it was a shock when I learned today that I am a bug fuzzy tree. (Actually, that wouldn’t come as a shock to a lot of my friends).

    Man… After seeing this film, I feel really excited about giving 24 frames per second another shot. John H makes it look so easy.


  5. really cool – I love the way he/she/it moves, the way the fingers wiggle and everything ! The wooly monster creature is hilarious and cute (as always). Oh, and the way Don sighs at the end of the clip – very very very cool… by the way: who’s idea was it with “poe-tree” (ok, poetree) ; it inspires me to add something to the already much too long “things to create” list… all in all really very very cool !

    I find it a little bit sad that we don’t see more of your awsome set in this little short film – but anyway: the whole thing works out just fine. Really well done – I really like this one (and I’m quite curious about what might happen next here). This blog sure is a very good source of inspiration and for tutorials.

    Another question – have you ever built miniature sets for. lets say “Warhammer 20.000″ figures” or so (I don’t know much about the right terms concerning this…) – because you seem to be quite experienced with this.


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