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well…lately I have been working on my first lipsync film. It is simple and fairly short (about 30 seconds or so) but it is my first attempt at lipsync. Woolly monster in a deliberate effort to push me out of my comfort zone created a puppet for me with all the replacement mouths and eyes that I would need to animate lipsync. So, I had Don Carlson (prammaven) record a 30 second voice over for me, I sent him the script and he recorded it and sent it back to me within hours. Fine guy that one. So, I tried downloading jlipsync on woolly’s suggestion, but it required me to do a bunch of computer upgrades because my computer is not connected to the internet, so I had to upgrade a java machine, install service pack 2, download 2 years of window updates and finally got it working. Ran a test through it, and ran on a few problems, but it is a freeware program and looks pretty good. It shows you the mouth shape as it scrolls down the x sheet.

So, anyway, I finally ended up just putting the wav file into stopmopro (that i already have) and began scrubbing through the audio and writing down the mouth sound on a piece of paper with a pencil. Really hi tech I know.

Well, I figure I have a sound bite that is about 720 frames long. I have begun animating and have about 500 frames complete.  The puppet is huge so it makes the animating pretty easy as compared to my puppets. Some of the lipsync so far looks really good, some is not perfect. It is a real art to scrubbing through audio and figuring out what mouth shape to use, especially since I am not the one that spoke the words.

I only animate at night to prevent flicker but during the day I am still working on the new set and sculpting some skin textures out of plastilina clay. I had recently bought roma plastilina but it has a sulfur smell so I had to give it away and order online the upgrade Prima plastilina. It has a more earthy, natural smell. The sulfur based clay gave my wife a migraine.  So, a few days ago my prima showed up here and I am sculpting again. Pictures soon.

Go ahead, make a mess, leave your comfort zone, have some fun.

3 responses to “latest news

  1. (^ finally. and a pram voice over to boot! yummm.
    (^ just met him the other day. hopefully he’ll swing over to my place in the next few days.


  2. i think it turned out great castle, i’m no where near lipsyncing as far as my animation skills. what program did you use to get rid of the raven thread, was it photoshop?


  3. yes I used photoshop to remove the black thread.


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