tear down another puppet set

ok, time to demolish the set for “sound bite challenge”….here goes….this is the set  still intact….

here is a bottle of glue just to show size of the set….

just take a sheetrock saw and cut the foam in half…no need for tears, soon we will start our next set.

the entire right side pulled up in one piece…I saved the entire piece for later…or until I run out of room…

so the right side is gone…

left side now…all just styrofoam and paper mache so it all came up pretty easily…if you are just joining us, the building of this set is below somewhere in an older post….

the back is two pieces of granite, so they go out back behind the shop also

I removed all of that and then begin scraping and sanding the set to remove any glue and old paint….and immediately begin my next set…

One response to “tear down another puppet set

  1. (^ I officially love you. keep the non toxic elmers in like a logo for all further set builds and breakdowns.

    (^ the one liner you got going is great too.

    (^ for me it’s all about showing ways to make stuff without getting all cancerous over it, so yes. acrylic not oil: water solvent better than bestine dipping.

    (^ next is to show how to duct tape and alter a paper towel roll to a micro vacuum nozel to keep the styrene particles from getting up yer nose while sawing boulders and things.


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