not being bored, chainmail armor

The next time you find yourself sitting around bored, give these guys a look. They sell all the parts to make yourself a chainmail shirt of armor.

I bought the parts awhile back, and within a few days 10 or 11 pounds of tiny rings arrived at my doorstep. With just two sets of pliers I opened and joined about 10,000 rings together to make my chainmail shirt. Why you ask would I make a chainmail shirt? Well, I didn’t have one so that seemed like a good enough reason. Besides you never know when someone is going to swing a sword at you.

I put a turtle pattern with darker rings on my chest area since the turtle is totem animal. This is what it looks like on me.

Below is the neck area.

This is the turtle design closeup.

This is the underarm area.

This is me wearing my armor shirt shrunk down to fit in my puppet stage with my dragon puppet.

So, the next time you think you are bored, and have about 6 months to kill sitting in front of the tv, make yourself a suit of armor. It is great fun.

Go ahead, do something for no real reason, make a mess, have some fun.

5 responses to “not being bored, chainmail armor

  1. I had a friend in college who was making his own chainmail… (He didn’t get nearly as far, or have the cool turtle, though!) …But he was actually making his own *rings* too.

    He built a simple little rotating dowel, which would coil wire. When he had some wire coiled, he’d remove the dowel and be left with what looked like a spring. Then he’d cut it down the middle with a pair of wire snips… Voila! Rings for making chain mail!


  2. That is so cool – beats a standard issue police ‘stab vest’ any day.
    Aha! You do exist! You even have a head! And there was me thinking you were just a disembodied pair of hands…


  3. and now your all set if a renaissance fair comes to hawaii


  4. Hey man. Very nice suit! I would like to know, how u took your measures. If u can send me an e-mail explaning that’d be awsome!


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