Today’s activities

At the present time I have a few projects simmering in the background here at the puppet studio. The main one is a sound bite challenge I started at I got Brett McCoy to compose a 30 second sound bite and a few of us animators signed up to animate something to it without hearing the sound bite first. All of the set building and flying rig posts you have been reading in the below posts are all for that project. My entry will be a bunch of my older puppets sliding down a grassy hill on wooden sleds. I have most of it filmed already, but I am using a flying rig in almost all of the shots so it is taking a long time to edit that out in every frame.

In the shop outside I am working on a ball and socket armature, I don’t even know what the puppet will be yet, but I am grinding and cutting and forming individual joints with the dremel tool and the butane torch.

Today I found some annealed wire at the local hardware store so I also started a wire armature today, and got it put together and some cushion foam glued up around it for muscles, and I still don’t know what that puppet is going to be yet either.

I also have a wonderful puppet sitting here that Woolly Monster in the UK sent me that has all the parts for lip sync but I want to make up a set especially for it. Sorry, Ceri I haven’t gotten to it sooner but I want to build a dedicated set for it.

I also am toying with a new story idea. Ron mentioned in one sentence a few days back that he would like to see my goblin puppet (the main puppet from “free with purchase” ) again maybe doing some castle gardening. That sounds like a great set and beginning of a good film. So imagine “a goblin gardener on the castle grounds working away in a little garden filled with different plants and vegetables in front of a English type cottage…that is where the story begins….and then all hell breaks loose…..that is all I have so far, but in my mind it looks great.

I am researching new cameras that have manual aperture and shutter speed settings since mine does not.

I am researching english cottages for the above mentioned film short.

That is mostly all that I am doing right now. OH, except the sketchbook swap that we are in the middle of. I think that is all….

One response to “Today’s activities

  1. (^ so I started wandering around seeing who else Ib knew from the old days, and actually got a response from joel!

    (^ as to the gardener at a cast’L”.. why not have wooly’s green beanstalk of a knitted thing make a cameo in THAT?

    (^ I’m focussing on a test run at a VERY complicated project that incorperates a lot of things you got me started on, Sir Hankin.
    (^ it all relates to education: and how to use other ppl’s skill levels to generate more knowledge baselines.

    (^ you ever heard the kinks?


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