Clash of the Titans remake

Paul Vortex and others from the stopmotionanimation forum put together a short film as an appeal to hollywood to use stopmotion animation for the special effects instead of CGI in the remake of Clash of The Titans which was originally done by the stopmotion legend Ray Harryhausen. You can view the film here.

Appeal to Hollywood for Clash of The Titans Remake to be made in stopmotion

The following is from Paul Vortex and are not my words

Clash of the Titans is to be remade by Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures.This is an appeal to those organisations to make this version of the film in a manner that honours what came before… by using Stop Motion Animation for the creature effects.

It is an appeal that they use this film as a vehicle to show the World how much stop-motion has evolved with Modern-Technologies to become the most impressive technique for realising creature effects on screen.

Almost all the visual effects in Hollywood are now done with CGI… And there is no reason for that to be the case. Stop-Motion and animatronics are far more impressive visual art-forms.

So, we ask that they are used in this production, to honour the original version, and the body of work created by Ray Harryhausen and others (Phil Tippet/O’bie etc).

Please get involved, leave a comment – But more importantly – write a letter to Legendary Pictures :

Legendary Pictures
4000 Warner Blvd.
Building 76
Burbank, CA 91522

*all footage and music used is done so under “Fair Use” (US copyright Law) and “Fair Dealing” (UK copyright Law). These clips are used for review and educational purposes only.

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