Our Film Needs Your Vote! Help!

Our Film, (Created by Ron Cole, Isomer and I, Castlegardener) Third Necessity, is in an “Animation of the Month” contest over at ToonTube!

Voting ends the 1st of July! We need your votes to win.

Go to:


You’ll see this:


June “Animation of the Month” Finalists
Vote for your favorite. Voting will go on until July 1st.
There are 5 films under that header. The first one on the left is ours.
Be sure to find the title
Third Necessity
right under the video box.
You will have to register there to vote. It only takes a couple of seconds.
Won’t you help us win?!

4 responses to “Our Film Needs Your Vote! Help!

  1. I voted for yours! I wonder if I can vote again?


  2. castlegardener

    Only once per email I am afraid, thanks though.


  3. I voted, personally I enjoyed this more than Barrier as a rounded short film, but they both have great aspects to them. Count my vote!


  4. castlegardener

    We came in second behind “An unwanted visitor” which is a great little short about an invisible friend that moves in.


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